Old B Doll Clothing Company

Pattikin's Kits

Exclusive Pattikins Kits provide everything needed to complete an ensemble, including the pre-embroidered high quality, non-synthetic, era appropriate fabrics, ribbons, laces, and notions such as buttons, thread, and hooks....and always have full color instructions and patterns. 

Many 12" French Fashion kits are available, along with Bleuette Kits, the 2013 debut of a 16" Black & Gold Gown, and still one Mignonette kit that offers two matching dresses in one package!  More 16" FF kits, and 8" FF kits are anticipated in the upcoming year!

Pattikins, otherwise known as Patti Ulrich owns and operates Old B Doll Clothing Company, is a long time collector of dolls, seamstress, educator, traveler, and genuinely fun lady. She pours her heart and soul into each reproduction kit, honoring its original design, historic value, materials of the era, attention to the finest of details, and providing user friendly patterns and instructions for today's replications.  

Workshop hosts can usually request any of Pattikin's Currently Available Kits for group events!    See Workshops for more Information. 


Find the perfect Pattikin's kit for your next project!