Old B Doll Clothing Company

Enjoy dolls, sewing, crafts, or get-togethers with friends?  Do you have a doll club? Sewing group? Or need a new, creative, group activity to share with like minded folks? 

Patti Ulrich of Old B Doll Clothing Company specializes in leading group sewing and craft activities using any of her exclusive Pattikins Kits, which always come complete with pre-embroidered fabrics, that are non-synthetic, era appropriate and highest quality.  They also include the ribbons, laces and other notions, such as buttons, hooks and thread necessary to complete the ensemble.  Full color instructions and patterns are in every kit!

Participants only need to bring a standard sewing kit with sharp scissors, their favorite fray control product and the doll they wish to have model the outfit for appropriate fitting!

She loves to travel anywhere in the United States and can arrange great prices and gifts for the host.  Arrangements must be made well in advance, so complete the following form if you are interested in hosting a Pattikins workshop for your next event!



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