Old B Doll Clothing Company

"Old B Doll Clothing Company" is the Heart, Sweat, Tears, and Passion of Patti Ulrich of Rainier, Oregon.  In 2003, Patti combined her teaching background, lifetime hobby and love of dolls, and her flair for beauty and inspiration and started a home business.  Patti's motivation and staggering talent, combined with her insistence on high quality and exquisite presentation has allowed her the opportunity to travel the nation, not just with products to sell, but with a genuine and excited interest in meeting and joining other Doll Collectors in person...to create beautiful outfits, learn from each other, and share stories and experiences first hand!

Patti thought that it would be great to have all the materials needed to complete one project provided in one complete kit.  The exclusive Pattikins kits have been gaining popularity over the years because they combine all materials, including buttons, hooks, thread, whatever completes the look, along with the finest fabrics, pre-embroidered to provide looks inspired by many of the Original Doll Fashionistas of the 1800's and early 1900's, as well as other collectibles, like the Shirley Temple Dolls.

Now, in order to meet the demands of Doll Collectors nationwide (and overseas), Patti has brought in some additional help to aid in production, customer service, and the advancement opportunities offered by technology to establish a larger client base, and provide more products and clothing options, faster and easier.  We hope to free up some of Patti's time so that she can maximize her gift and skill, and create new and exciting looks and ideas for the benefit of doll lovers everywhere!! 

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Patti and Criss and Carol


Contact Info:  patti@oldbdolls.com         or      oldbdolls@yahoo.com

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