Old B Doll Clothing Company

Socqette Sock Makers

Socqettes are knitting looms in miniature; sized so you can make socks for your dolls. A kit includes one loom, a pick tool, 40 yards of 100% silk, lace weight, natural color yarn, and complete illustrated instructions. Each kit is $35.

16 peg loom makes socks for dolls 8" to 12"

22 peg loom makes socks for dolls 13" to 17"

28 peg loom makes socks for dolls 18" to 22"

These sizes, of course, are all approximate because it's the size of the foot, not the length of the doll that makes the difference.

A large kit includes one loom of each size, a pick tool and 100 yards of yarn. The large kit is $65.


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